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15th October, 2022

About The Event

SecConf, conducted by Thoughtworks aims to provide a platform to build a strong global community where security and development can come together. The platform encourages various offensive and defensive security personas to discuss best security practices that face today’s modern application ecosystems. Technology is evolving fast and so are the vulnerabilities. Insecure components and supply chains are an existential threat to the industry. We seek to provide cutting edge information so you can assess your environments while building robust & secure products. We believe it's a collaboration of community and opportunity that will create a powerful impact.

Event Speakers

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Nitin Raina

Nitin Raina

Chief Information Security Officer, Thoughtworks

Nitin has close to 24 years of experience in performing IT, Security and Risk leadership roles for various organisations and serves as a global advisor tasked with prioritising and evaluating trade-offs and conflicts among various security initiatives within the realm of ThoughtWorks businesses.

Lilly Ryan

Lilly Ryan

Lead Security Specialist, Thoughtworks

Lilly is experienced in information security industry, and has worked as a pen tester for an external security consultancy. She is into web application security, privacy education, and the history of technology-related issues. You can catch her talking security on the OWASP DevSlop Show or occasionally having opinions on Byte Into IT on Melbourne radio station 3RRR.

Manik Kashikar

Manik Kashikar

Tech SME, Thoughtworks

"Manik has worked in design & implementation of Technology solutions which includes Digital Transformation, cross-functional Security, Journey to Cloud Assessment, Cloud Migration & Modernization, Securing cloud. For the last 2.5 years, she has worked in the Security domain and has been an active Advisor and Member of Women in Cloud, Women in Tech & Women Who Code communities."

Madhu Akula

Madhu Akula


Madhu Akula is a pragmatic security leader working on product security and Cloud Native security. He has created multiple OSS projects and is an active speaker at various conferences like DEFCON, Black Hat, SANS, OWASP, Nullcon, All Day DevOps, null. His research has found 200+ vulnerabilities in products & organizations including Google, Microsoft, AT&T, NTOP, Adobe, WordPress, Gitlab.

Sandesh Mysore Anand

Sandesh Mysore Anand


Sandesh is an InfoSec professional who currently manages the Security team at Razorpay. Over the last decade, he has helped companies build and mature various aspects of their Security program. He is particularly passionate about application security, cloud security and working with engineering teams to incorporate security in their products.

Praveen Kanniah

Praveen Kanniah

Architect - Product Security, PhonePe

Praveen has been in the AppSec space, Information Security for almost 12 years now, having tried his hands on various aspects of AppSec, including manual pen testing, rolling out Secure SDL, implementing secure code analyzers, automating pen-tests, developing framework for container security and more.


Neelu Tripathy

Intro and Welcome

by Neelu Tripathy


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