Container Security in AWS

by Sankalp Sandeep Paranjpe

Sankalp Sandeep Paranjpe

As container technology is used for deployment and management, AWS has established itself as a premier platform for running containerized workloads. Nevertheless, the rapid and streamlined process of container deployment presents significant security and compliance challenges that require new strategies and practices to overcome.

In this talk, we will get into the security and compliance with AWS Container services. A high-level overview of the talk:

  • AWS Container Services
  • Container threat detection using Amazon GuardDuty
  • Kubernetes Protection using GuardDuty
  • Malware Protection
  • Static and Runtime Security
  • Vulnerability management in containers using AWS Inspector
  • Overall, this technical discussion will equip attendees with a deeper understanding of the security and compliance challenges inherent in containerized AWS services. By leveraging best practices and AWS services, attendees will gain valuable insights into securing and ensuring compliance with containerized workloads on AWS, whether they are developers, DevOps engineers, or security professionals.

    Sankalp Sandeep Paranjpe

    Student, MIT ADT University

    Sankalp Sandeep Paranjpe is an AWS Cloud Captain. He is a 2X AWS Certified, CEH certified, cybersecurity professional, renowned for his expertise in cloud security. He is also a sought-after speaker in the field of Cybersecurity, Cloud security, and AWS Cloud.