Maturing your Software Supply Chain Security

by Neelu Tripathy

Neelu Tripathy

Neelu Tripathy

Independent Security Consultant

She is working as an independent Security Consultant & Practitioner for Product Security. Her area of work includes developing & managing large scale Security implementation programs, threat identification, vulnerability assessments & management, building security mindset through trainings & automation with the goal of Building Security Into the application ecosystems. She has an extensive background in offensive security across Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration testing, Red Teaming, Social Engineering, reconnaissance along with experience in Threat Modelling, Design Reviews and Security Code Reviews.

She is an OSCP and has spoken/trained at various security conferences such as BlackHat(Primary Trainer, Basic Infrastructure Hacking-2017), speaker- DevSecCon24(keynote), OWASP APAC, Agile India, AllDayDevOps, c0c0n, rootconf, BSidesDelhi & BSides Bangalore and organised villages at DefCon(Recon) and Nullcon(Social Engg.). She started & organised the corporate security conference for Thoughtworks - SecConf in 2021-22. She is the creator and Host of the br3akp0int Security PodcastShe is also on the review board for BSides Singapore , CySEK Marketplace(Karnataka Gov) and NullCon Security Conference, India