State of Privacy in Ad-Tech Solutions - Post third-party cookie deprecation

by Sriram Viswanathan

Sriram Viswanathan

As third-party cookie deprecation by Chrome looms over the ad-tech industry, there are an ever increasing number of solutions and standards that are vying to be the most adopted solution in balancing the utility to the publishers/marketers vs protecting the privacy of users and complying with global data protection regulations.

This talk will be a survey of whats coming up in terms of alternatives and standards and how they compare in their claims of being 'privacy preserving' while clammering to provide utility to the publishers and marketers. Ad-tech as an ecosystem consists of a wide-array of participants, with varying levels of technological maturity, with needs that might be competing at times.

All these ingredients make up for a highly interesting landscape of players that are all trying to ride the way and see how comes safely on the other side. In all this, regulatory bodies are taking note and pushing for more stringent regulations/acts on specially behavioural advertising and anti-trust, both of which can affect how all this gets played-out. At the end of the day, who wins is anyone's guess at the moment.

Sriram Viswanathan

Principal Software Craftsperson

Sriram is a software engineer with a passion for all things privacy and well engineered software. He is also an ex-Thoughtworker. Recently, he pursued his passion for privacy and completed his MS in Privacy Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the United States. Currently, he is looking for opportunities to apply the lessons learnt in privacy, security/secure-software and data protection towards the increasing amount of data privacy challenges in today's data-centric world.