AppSec Essentials for Scrum teams

by Pavan Mohan

Pavan Mohan

Pavan will talk about some important Application Security vulnerabilities, how they can be identified earlier by the Developers & Functional testers, and how to approach fixing them and avoid them before the coding starts. This talk is intended to develop a Security mindset with practical examples and real-world scenarios. The speaker will share essential methods of how Security can be applied by Developers, Functional Testers, Security Champions, Product Owners, or anyone involved in the Software Development Lifecycle.

Pavan Mohan

Senior Manager, Product Security, Service Now

Pavan is a developer turned security engineer. He is one of the Chapter Leaders of Null Hyderabad and a regular speaker there. He also spoke at international conferences like DEFCON and Knowledge. He is the lead author of an open source project Sh00t. He works as a Sr. Manager at ServiceNow and leads Security Testing & Security Applications development teams. More details at