AI/ML in cybersecurity: Practical usecases, Risks & Controls

by Malini Rao

Malini Rao

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, traditional defense mechanisms struggle to keep pace with the sophistication of malicious actors. As the volume and complexity of attacks grow exponentially, the imperative to adopt advanced technologies has never been more crucial. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have emerged as game-changing tools in the arsenal of cybersecurity professionals, revolutionizing the way we detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats.

We will examine various real-world applications where AI/ML-driven solutions are effectively bolstering our defenses against cyber adversaries.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how AI/ML technologies can be integrated seamlessly into existing security frameworks, fostering a proactive, resilient, and intelligent cybersecurity ecosystem.

Malini Rao

Cybersecurity Advisor,

Malini Rao is a CISSP, CISM, C|CISO certified cyber security professional and an international speaker. Malini Rao is a CISO at a cybersecurity start up company currently. Malini Rao most recently published a book on AI/ML in Cybersecurity which has been a best seller in the security category for 4 weeks on amazon. Malini Rao brings in extensive experience and expertise working globally for Fortune 500 clients in various areas of cybersecurity such as Cyber Defense, application security, cloud security, DevSecOps, security engineering, operations, governance, risk and compliance management, cyber risk management, IOT security and identity and access management.

Malini has managed large multimillion dollar projects and large teams globally. She has rich experience working in various industry verticals like financial services, healthcare, information technology services, retail, consumer goods, energy as well as for oil and gas industry clients. She has taken up challenging roles and worked up her way through the corporate ladder with both hands-on and leadership roles as a program manager, CISO, Head of Cybersecurity and as global practice head in the various roles she has taken on over the years. Ms Rao is also a global women in cybersecurity influencer and board member of women in the cybersecurity community. She has received many recognitions and awards for her contributions as cybersecurity influencer and mentor. Malini has been recognized as Top 10 Global Women leaders in cybersecurity by SCMedia and 40 under 40 in cybersecurity by Top Cyber News Magazine.