Preparing for D-day

Evaluating your org's preparedness for the most common attacks on your cloud infrastructure

by Sandesh Mysore Anand

Sandesh Mysore Anand

DDoS, Ransomware & Data exfiltration are the 3 most common attacks on companies today. While these attacks can happen to any company, companies which are cloud first are particularly targeted. At any given point, organizations need to be aware of where they stand in their defenses against these attacks.

This talk will talk about:

• Evaluating current preparedness against these attacks

• Improving maturity over a period of time

• Defining an SOP if these attacks happen

Sandesh Mysore Anand


Sandesh Mysore Anand is an InfoSec professional who currently manages the Security team at Razorpay. Over the last decade, Sandesh has helped companies build and mature various aspects of their Security program.

He is particularly passionate about application security, cloud security and working with engineering teams to incorporate security in their products.

He often writes about it in his infrequent newsletter. While not working you will find Sandesh birding, running, talking about food or cheering one of his many favorite sports teams.