Scaling your organization Kubernetes Security!

by Madhu Akula

Madhu Akula

Most companies adopting Kubernetes have a hard time building their security around it. With cloud-native transformation, growth of the company, and adoptions it’s super hard to build security across different layers.

In this talk, Madhu Akula will showcase how Kubernetes Goat will solve these problems by helping developers, DevOps, and security teams to understand the real-world security misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and attacks in a context-driven practical hands-on way. So, most of your security issues will be fixed before even being deployed into Production.

Some examples include helping DevOps/Developer teams understand the risks so they could have been mitigated even before they write Dockerfiles, Manifests, Helm charts, etc. to deploy the microservice into clusters. We will see some real challenges regards competency, knowledge gap, and bridging the gap between DevOps/SRE teams and security collaboratively and practically.

Madhu Akula


Madhu Akula is a pragmatic security leader. Currently works on product security, and Cloud Native security areas. He has created multiple OSS projects including Kubernetes Goat, Hacker Container,, etc.

He frequently speaks & trains at events and conferences like DEFCON, Black Hat, SANS, USENIX, OWASP, Nullcon, All Day DevOps, DevSecCon, null, and many others around the globe. His research has found 200+ vulnerabilities in products, and organizations including Google, Microsoft, AT&T, NTOP, Adobe, WordPress, Gitlab, etc.

Madhu is a published author of Security Automation with Ansible2, also a technical reviewer for books, conferences, etc. He contributes to communities like All Day DevOps, null, AWS, OWASP, etc. He also advise startups on building great products, and communities, and adding value.